The Ski Week Obertauern AustriaThe Ski Week Veuve Clicquot Hot TubzWhile I might have chased summer all the way to the southern hemisphere, I know a lot of you will be prepping for ski season. You’ve got your snow gear packed, but what about SPF? Something a lot of skiers forget about!

I’ve been collaborating with P20 over the last year, as it is the one sun product I can’t live without. That’s summer and winter sun. I can’t see the fun in having to reapply sunscreen every hour, which is why I love P20 so much. It’s saved my skin on sailing trips and cruises, on sunny winter hikes and outdoor festivals because it’s waterproof and transfer resistant, meaning it stands up to sweat too!

That high altitude, snow reflected sun can be really harmful to bare skin, even when you don’t feel any heat from it. Plus you’re usually out all day without any shade, or any bags to carry a bottle for topping up, so it makes sense to wear something that’ll go the distance.

A common concern I’ve had from a few Instagram followers in the DMs is asking does high factor sunscreen turn your white clothes yellow? The answer is yes IF you don’t wait for it to dry before getting dressed. You should be applying your SPF 20 minutes before you go out in the sun anyway, so once you’ve done it right, you and your clothes will be protected all day. 

We’ve all seen the thick white streaks and sunglass tan lines on ski instructors, right? I’d recommend P20 SPF to avoid both. The formula is more of a liquid than a lotion with a slight yellow tint (which I love because it makes me look more tanned in photos, that’s my insider tip for you!)


This post is sponsored by P20 Sunscreen. All view are, as always, my own.

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