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6 reasons to spend your next holiday on a boat

I’ve just come back from spending a week sailing on a gorgeous traditional Turkish wooden gullet yacht on the Aegean Sea and I honestly felt weird being back on land! It doesn’t take much getting used to, even for scaredy cats like me and I’ve already booked my next sailing trip to Croatia next month…I can’t get enough. So what are the reasons why you should have your next holiday on a boat?

Packing Travel Yoganic Moves Yoga Sailing Turkey

Next Stop Yogacruising Ahoi

Packing for a week on a boat, do I travel light and go with the bare minimum or max the baggage allowance? Some clear packing cubes, wet bag, swim shoes (big up Lidl!) and shades, my Penneys haul, new GoPro Hero 4, plus a shit load of SPF (my guide to high factor products here) and yoga clothes and I’m nearly done. Next stop: Yogacruising Ahoi, twice a day yoga on a gorgeous wooden gulet yacht, hiking and swimming, healthy eating, reading and soaking up the sun in Turkey…I can’t bloody wait.

Go Pro Hero 4 Argos Ireland

GoPro Hero

Ever feel a bit intimidated walking into a camera shop? Everyone seems to be a photography expert these days, except me that is. I’ve got a pretty nifty Samsung Galaxy digital camera, but 95% of my photos are taken on my iPhone…and they’re grand like. I’m going on a couple of sailing trips this year though and that’s just not going to cut it. GoPros have been around about a decade, but have become much more mainstream in the last few years. If you’re not familiar, they’re highly durable, lightweight cameras that record HD video and stills and can be mounted to a gazillion different accessories for almost any activity, including underwater ones. Really popular for skiing and surfing, they can be used for pretty much every extreme sport…or the less active ones, like poolside selfies. So, getting back to the photography shops, all the decent ones stock GoPros, but there’s something unwelcoming when you’re out of your underwater-camera-depth and don’t want to be sold the wrong (and most expensive) thing because they saw you coming. I prefer to do my research online and ask around on Twitter for advice, which is what I did before picking up this waterproof GoPro Hero 4 from Argos. They sell some of the nifty gadgets to go with it too, so here’s my next question…what accessories do I need for this guy? I’m off yoga sailing for a week and intend on doing some snorkelling, diving and hiking with GoPro in tow. Hit me up on twitter if you’re a, er, pro!