I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my skin care routine. But from a former beauty editor, trust me it’s not about how much you’re spending on products or how many you can slather on your face. I believe that less is more when it comes to beauty, especially when you’re got luggage restrictions to think about (more on packing here). There are some things I’ll never skip though. So; tried and tested, here are my skin travel tips.

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We’ve all done it. Turned up at the airport and realised the charger is still plugged in beside the bed and had to dish out more cash than anticipated for an airport replacement. You’ve got no other choice at that stage, so they’ll charge whatever for travel tech and you’ll hand over the dolla through gritted…

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Packing x Penneys

Although, in the last few years, I’ve got much better at packing…it’s still always a massive pain in the arse isn’t it? Does anyone actually enjoy it? If you do, we’ve got a spare bedroom…feel free to take up full time residency! About a month before a trip I get excited and think, “Do you know what? This time I’m going to be really organised. I’ll do it now while I have the time and then it’s done and out of the way.” Not sure who I’m trying to fool, it obviously never happens that way.

Shoe Style: Metallics

I was involved in a bit of a metallic shoe frenzy last week. I wanted a Spring Summer update, but I couldn’t pick just one, so I bought all three. I got a lot of questions on Twitter and Instagram asking where to buy them, you might be a little surprised. The rose gold stilettos…