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Next Stop Yogacruising Ahoi

Packing for a week on a boat, do I travel light and go with the bare minimum or max the baggage allowance? Some clear packing cubes, wet bag, swim shoes (big up Lidl!) and shades, my Penneys haul, new GoPro Hero 4, plus a shit load of SPF (my guide to high factor products here) and yoga clothes and I’m nearly done. Next stop: Yogacruising Ahoi, twice a day yoga on a gorgeous wooden gulet yacht, hiking and swimming, healthy eating, reading and soaking up the sun in Turkey…I can’t bloody wait.

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Packing x Penneys

Although, in the last few years, I’ve got much better at packing…it’s still always a massive pain in the arse isn’t it? Does anyone actually enjoy it? If you do, we’ve got a spare bedroom…feel free to take up full time residency! About a month before a trip I get excited and think, “Do you know what? This time I’m going to be really organised. I’ll do it now while I have the time and then it’s done and out of the way.” Not sure who I’m trying to fool, it obviously never happens that way.