How to up your Instagram game

While it’s still a work in progress, about eight months ago I decided I needed to figure out how to up my Instagram game and then probably spent far too long *researching* what I had to do. It’s taken me quite a while experimenting with different styles to find out what I like, but deciding to stop posting any old shit was definitely a turning point. I’ve seen my followers and likes double in that time and with a bit of TLC they should both continue to grow. Let me tell you how to up your Instagram game in five easy steps so you can save yourself the pins and needles from holding your phone for hours stalking trawling other people’s feeds and watching badly translated editing tutorials on YouTube.

How to take solo photos while travelling

The one question I get asked most often when posting my photos on social media or showing someone my pics is, “who took the photo?”. Even before “where was it taken” or anything about what’s actually in the image. I travel on my own a lot, but in fact, even when I’m travelling with others I often find that the best snaps are the ones I set up and take myself (no offence if I’ve ever asked you to take a photo for me). I’m by no means a pro, but I’ve been experimenting with different equipment and methods and have managed to up my Instagram game significantly in the past three months. So now I want to share how to take solo photos while travelling and maybe get some more tips in the process.