Thanks to WOW Air's cheap and easy flights direct from Dublin to Reykjavik, I've made it over not once but twice this year. Two very…


I joined the donation based ‘Short and Sweet’ (there’s tea and homemade cake at the end) two hour long walk from Isla Blanca in the north of the island on an overcast Wednesday morning. I caught up with tour leader Sheila from Walking Ibiza, who is founder Toby’s mother, at the meeting point and she introduced me to some of the other walkers, some new and some regulars. Toby started organising tours after walking the entire coast of the island in 11 days with just €1 relying on generous donations of food and drink from locals and now runs tours around the island and shorter trips on a regular basis.


A day bed is the ultimate in beachside indulgence. They’re 100% totally unnecessary and I’ve had some of my best sunny snoozes lying on a beach towel in the sand, but sometimes you just need to throw money at a situation for all out luxury.

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya…

I’d never heard that Beach Boys song before, I didn’t even know where Aruba was or that it was a Dutch island, nor was I aware of the language or currency but I found myself flying about eight thousand kilometres to get here (via Amsterdam and Curaçao) and I’m glad I did. “Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya.”