Christmas (or whatever) present ideas for the man if your life that spends a lot of time on planes, trains and automobiles. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, these are the things that are going to get the most use and will keep you in the good books for another year. Skip on the smellies and socks and get something they really need. Here’s my gift guide for guys that travel…

Dreaming of the Caribbean

New long-haul routes from Dublin always get me excited, especially when they’re direct to the Caribbean. This morning Thomson Airways 787 Dreamliner landed in Dublin for the first time and I took a seat on board its inaugural Irish flight. I’m no aviation geek, so other than saying it’s “really big” I’m not that well equipped to fill you in on the technical features, but I can report a few nifty features that help make a long flight a lot more enjoyable. But first, let me take a cockpit selfie (the captain assured me he wouldn’t be performing a vertical take-off, watch here if you dare).