How to up your Instagram game

While it’s still a work in progress, about eight months ago I decided I needed to figure out how to up my Instagram game and then probably spent far too long *researching* what I had to do. It’s taken me quite a while experimenting with different styles to find out what I like, but deciding to stop posting any old shit was definitely a turning point. I’ve seen my followers and likes double in that time and with a bit of TLC they should both continue to grow. Let me tell you how to up your Instagram game in five easy steps so you can save yourself the pins and needles from holding your phone for hours stalking trawling other people’s feeds and watching badly translated editing tutorials on YouTube.

Style diary

A few entries from’s new #WerkingGirl feature, their first one has a week of images from my style diary. Outfit details below, more on my Instagram or click here for the full entry!

Race day diary

I’ve never been to the Galway races, so preparing for Ladies’ day, when our dress code was ‘colour’ was a bit of a mission for me. My wardrobes comprises of black, white, grey and denim and most of the shops have their Autumn stock in already which muted neutrals and at brightest a burgundy print, so finding something to fit the brief proved rather difficult. I went as a guest of Dove, you see…who have just launched the first deodorant to leave no white marks on 100 different colours.

10 Reasons why you should start practicing yoga now

While I may have earned myself the nickname ‘Rebel Yogi’ on my notionzy yoga sailing trip in Turkey last month, I guess it’s sounds healthier than just ‘rebel’, right? I drink alcohol, I eat meat and sugar, I miss a class here and there…and WHAT? I started yoga earlier this year in an attempt to find some kind of activity that didn’t make me want to claw my eyes out like how I feel entering a conventional gym. Something I could keep up for life, that I could do any time, anywhere.