I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my skin care routine. But from a former beauty editor, trust me it’s not about how much you’re spending on products or how many you can slather on your face. I believe that less is more when it comes to beauty, especially when you’re got luggage restrictions to think about (more on packing here). There are some things I’ll never skip though. So; tried and tested, here are my skin travel tips.


Why does everything always run out at the same time? Shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, cleanser, the lot! Replacing them all in one go makes such a massive dent that sometimes I end up picking lesser quality stuff just because it’s cheap. I’ll want to try a fancy professional conditioner but can’t commit to spending that much on something I’m not sure if I’ll like. I’d like to treat myself to fragranced body lotion to match my perfume, but the price tag puts me off. That’s why I like shopping in TK Maxx to pick up big beauty brands for less. I always have a rummage in the beauty department when I’m in buying travel or workout bits and the range has at least doubled during their ‘big brand beauty fortnight’ that’s on in store at the moment.