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Style diary

A few entries from’s new #WerkingGirl feature, their first one has a week of images from my style diary. Outfit details below, more on my Instagram or click here for the full entry!

Tinggly experience best gift ever Nadia El Ferdaoussi Travel Blogger

Is this the best gift ever?

I’m putting my hands up and admitting that I find buying presents really difficult. I actually used to be really good at it, but then it’s like I ran out of all the good stuff and it all became really samey. I often find stuff I’d like to receive though, funny that. I don’t know how I cam across Tinggly, but it blew my mind… I think it might have been on another travel blogger’s site. Is it the best gift ever? I think it just might be.

snapchat commandments nadia_dailyself

Snapchat commandments

First up a disclaimer: I’m probably guilty of some or all of these at some point and I can’t guarantee I won’t be a reoffender. That being said, I had to put together a list of Snapchat commandments… if I moan about it in person, I may as well put it out there for all to see.

French Alps with Yoganic Moves Nadia El Ferdaoussi Travel Blogger Yoga Hiking

Next stop: French Alps

I’ve grounded myself for the month of August, this is officially a no-fly zone. July’s boozy trips to Bordeaux and Croatia left me feeling rather, shall we say…fragile. While I’m not about to give up those kind of getaways, I think in the name of balance, it’ll do me good to do something a little more relaxing and health-focussed. You might remember my yoga sailing holiday in Turkey with Yoganic Moves back in May (you can read my feature on and I’ve been lucky enough to nab an invite to Annick’s next yoga holiday. Next stop: French Alps.

Nadia El Ferdaoussi Irish lifestyle blogger Parfois and Friends Fall Winter 15/16 collection

Parfois and friends

I do love a fancy midweek gathering of friends, wine, food and frolics. Combine it with a new collection preview and you’ve got a party! The Parfois and friends backstage event in the Chocolate Factory proved a big hit, their accessories never fail to provide the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, but also lots of “shut up, it’s not only €14.99?”. On trend, accessible and affordable Parfois have become the one stop accessories shop.

Nadia El Ferdaoussi ladies day Galway races Oasis fashion TK Maxx summer colour blogger Dove deodorant

Race day diary

I’ve never been to the Galway races, so preparing for Ladies’ day, when our dress code was ‘colour’ was a bit of a mission for me. My wardrobes comprises of black, white, grey and denim and most of the shops have their Autumn stock in already which muted neutrals and at brightest a burgundy print, so finding something to fit the brief proved rather difficult. I went as a guest of Dove, you see…who have just launched the first deodorant to leave no white marks on 100 different colours.

Nadia El Ferdaoussi Travel Blogger Life Before Work LBW YachtLife Croatia

Island-hopping in Croatia #YachtLife

When Life Before Work Travel asked if I wanted to go on their YachtLife trip, island hopping in Croatia for a week, I’d basically already packed before they finished the sentence. I’ve got this thing with boats you see (here’s a list of six reasons why your next holiday should be on a boat), plus I’ve never been to Croatia and LBW is an ethos I can really get behind.

Big O Reidel Glasses

How to make wine taste better

I’ve always been under the impression that things taste differently from different containers. Take a really obvious example, a cup of tea from fine bone china versus a polystyrene cup…no brainer. But it goes further than that, a big thick mug still isn’t as nice as that delicate tea cup is it? Same goes for wine. Those cheap round thick-stemmed wine glasses they serve up plonk in the Rovers Return are never going to have the same effect as a thin chilled hand-crafted crystal for your pricey Sauvignon Blanc are they? This was all confirmed on my recent wine tasting trip to Bordeaux, when the actual experts let me in on the lesser known fact that there are different glasses available for different wine types and they all made some serious impact during blind tastings. So it’s safe to say I’ll be stocking up on Riedel’s Summer Barbecue range, because for me, it’s like having good make up and using shit brushes. Not happening. [dt_gap height="10" /]

Nadia El Ferdaoussi Travel Blogger Chateau la Riviere Bordeaux Lidl Wine

Bordeaux Banter

Bordeaux is only a one hour and twenty minute flight from Dublin, who knew? Oh, all of you, ok. Well, I hadn’t been to France since I was a child so I was pretty excited to head over to what’s basically the centre of the wine universe last week. The lovely people at Lidl played host to our gang of about 25 and I was lucky enough to stay in the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux, a gorgeous five star hotel in a seriously fancy 18th-century building right in the city centre

Travel Blogger Nadia El Ferdaoussi Yoga

10 Reasons why you should start practicing yoga now

While I may have earned myself the nickname ‘Rebel Yogi’ on my notionzy yoga sailing trip in Turkey last month, I guess it’s sounds healthier than just ‘rebel’, right? I drink alcohol, I eat meat and sugar, I miss a class here and there…and WHAT? I started yoga earlier this year in an attempt to find some kind of activity that didn’t make me want to claw my eyes out like how I feel entering a conventional gym. Something I could keep up for life, that I could do any time, anywhere.