Shoe Style: Metallics

I was involved in a bit of a metallic shoe frenzy last week. I wanted a Spring Summer update, but I couldn’t pick just one, so I bought all three. I got a lot of questions on Twitter and Instagram asking where to buy them, you might be a little surprised. The rose gold stilettos…

Eleven Money Saving Travel Tips

While the price of flights may have come down in the last few years and sites such as airbnb have made accommodation a bit more cost effective, holidays and trips away can still put a hefty dent on your bank balance.  My top eleven (ten just wasn’t enough!) money saving travel tips are intended to…

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Make Up Artist

This is the stuff no one tells you about becoming a make up artist, the nitty gritty, the first hand accounts from real professional make up artists. I’ll cover the pros, the cons, the ins and outs…a comprehensive guide.

As a working make up artist myself, naturally a lot of my close friends are also in the industry. It becomes a bit of a family you see, so when I posed a few questions to the lads and ladies, I got some really interesting replies….some answers even I didn’t know! So here it is, everything you need to know about being a make up artist.

Travel Tips: Beat Jet-lag in 5 Easy Steps

If there’s one thing I learned last year, it would have to be how to travel like a pro. The 34 flights, 14 airports, 5 boats and countless subways, metros, tubes, trams and trains I navigated taught me some valuable life (travel IS life) lessons.

I want to share my top travel tips with you over a series of blog posts, there’s far too much to cram into just one. Too lengthy = yawn.

Post-Dry January Hangover Cure

After December’s “’tis the season” attitude that led to lots of after-work mulled wines, saying ‘yes’ to every invitation going, bargain booze offers in Tesco and staycations with a bar stocked well enough to last through prohibition, it’s probably safe to say a lot of us built up somewhat of a tolerance that a mild hangover did nothing to hamper brain functioning on a daily basis.