Gift ideas for the man in your life who spends time on planes, trains and automobiles. That might just be the commute to work! Whether it’s for biz-niz or pleasure, these are the things that are going to get the most use and will keep you in the good books for another year. Skip on the smellies and socks and get something they really need. Here’s my gift guide for guys who travel…


Probably the most important category when buying for a frequent traveller, or a man, so especially when it’s both. This stuff makes travelling easier, (actually just life in general), so are a no brainer when it comes to present-buying.

This UE Roll Speaker fits in the palm of your hand but gives out amazing 360 sound and is waterproof up to 1m. Not that you’re going to be listening to tunes below the surface, but it makes it handy for beach or poolside holliers, can be used in the shower, or strapped on to bike handles or for other outdoor sports without fear of the weather wrecking the adventurer in your life’s buzz.

An absolute necessity, go for serious sound quality and noise-cancelling if it’s in the budget with these Bose ones or a more affordable pair from Sony.

No self-respecting travel pro would leave the house without a power bank or juice pack. One of the originals is still the best, the Apple iPhone version doubles as a durable phone case and gives 100% battery. Or go for a portable battery pack like this 20,000mAh power bank that charges an iPhone 7 six times!

The 4ft cord on this Native Union lightning to USB charging cable is reinforced to help prevent joint wear and comes with a handy leather cord tidy. And for charging devices abroad, I swear by this Syncwire 4 port USB wall charger that I’ve been using all over the world for the last two years. It has automatic voltage adjustment and UK/EU/US socket adaptors. The must have gadget for anyone who travels!


Sounds obvious if they travel, right? But bear in mind, it’s not as easy as picking something that just looks good. Functionality is the most important thing to consider here and a frequent traveller will probably want a few extras that don’t come as standard. Take this Stighlorgan backpack for example, it’s got a concealed laptop compartment in the back making it easy to whip out at security, plus it has stuff like a pocket for your sunglasses and is wipe clean. Oh and the brand has Dublin roots, so.

Suitcase-wise, a smart case is the ultimate gadget for travel lovers. This Bluesmart One case can be controlled wirelessly via an app to track travel data and remote lock. It also has a built in luggage scale to weigh your case and two USB ports for charging devices. Or try the Aerolite Smart Suitcase, for a more budget friendly cabin size option.

For stylish luggage options choose classic tan leather details that’ll age well or a more robust sporty case, like this The North Face Rolling Thunder wheelie for anyone outdoorsy.

Here are some more options, a mini gift guide for guys who travel, starting at £22/€25 – I want them all for myself! Happy shopping…

Still need more present ideas? Or want something for yourself? Here’s my gift guide for girl’s who travel.


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