This week, Bank of Ireland shared my packing tips and tricks video on their Facebook page and loads of you have been asking (did I just say that?) where to buy packing cubes and how I get organised for trips, etc. etc. Here’s the video and I’ll link to some of the stuff below…

Travel blogger Nadia - the daily s'elf wanted to share her top tips for last-minute packing ensuring you arrive crease-free and ready to go! #ad

Posted by BOIstudents on Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The major difference in how I used to pack and the level of organisation I try and keep up now has been down to packing cubes. When it comes to packing hacks for long trips, keeping everything separate in you luggage helps to save so much time when you’re on the go. Before, I’d need to root through my entire case looking for a specific item, but now I can whittle it down to one particular packing cube. I usually use one for tops, one for dresses and bottoms and one for underwear, so it’s very quick and easy to locate what I’m looking for at a glance. I bought mine on Amazon, they’re currently out of stock, but here are some very similar sets…

I like being handsfree at the airport if I’ve checked in luggage. If I’m just going with hand luggage I can rest a big handbag on my wheelie case, like my Kinsale Kane leather weekender.

Packing tips pro travel blogger Nadia El Ferdaoussi the daily self Kinsale leather Kane weekender bag Penneys Primark suitcase

Otherwise I’d rather use a backpack. Since I’m pretty much a digital nomad most of the time, I always carry my laptop with me and these bags and their separate laptop compartments make going through security much faster. Who knows what’ll happen with the new regulations, but for now on most routes this works just fine. The one to the right even has a USB power connection!

Speaking of power banks, I never travel without not one, but two. A small handbag sized one and more powerful one with two USB outlets for charging multiple devices. I rotate them so one is always fully charged and ready to go. Keep cables tidy with cord/cable ‘tacos’, (what a name) they’re handy for headphones too.

Obviously I just rob shower caps from hotel rooms to wrap my shoes in, but I also keep dust bags from handbags to store shoes too.

Like I say in the packing tips video, I keep my cards and IDs separate, so if one is lost or stolen I’m not left stranded. I got this Miu Miu cross body bag for my 30th birthday last year and have used it every single day since! They say it’s for days when you only want to carry your phone, cards and keys. But I made sure my passport and iPhone 6 plus fit before making it mine.

I never travel without a hat, but rarely want to carry it on the plane, so I stuff it with my bikinis or something that won’t crease and lie it brim down on the bottom of my suitcase before packing everything else around it to keep the shape. Here are some of my faves…

For more packing tips and tricks, plus what actually goes into my suitcase, you can read this post.

My case is from Penneys/Primark, but I’ve since switched to another one featured in this Berlin post. I’m obsessed with it, a lot more travelling tips coming up!

Featured photo: Michael Vanarey. Kinsale Kale Weekender image: BrĂ­d O’Donovan.


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