It’s been a while, but the magnetic pull is too strong to resist anymore…I’ve made my way back to the island. If you’ve even been to Ibiza, you’ll know what I’m talking about and if not, then do yourself a favour and get involved.

I’ve come with Essential Ibiza who are the last word when it comes to what’s happening on the island. If it’s on, they know about it…. and have already been…. and got the t-shirt…and probably any other associated merch… and most importantly all the inside info.

I’m here for two weeks. TWO ENTIRE WEEKS. 14 days, half a month. This is exciting because, well I’m in Ibiza for two weeks and secondly I rarely ever spend that much time in one place. So to celebrate, I’m going to be blogging daily, this site can finally live up to it’s name. Of course everything will be on my Snapchat story and Instagram and for once I’ve finally set up data roaming on my new Vodafone Prime so I have zero excuse. I also give zero fucks when people are giving me funny looks ‘gramming my brekkie, wevs.

Use the email subscription box on this page to get daily updates and maybe book a flight.


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