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Nadia El Ferdaoussi travel writer 7 things to do before you travel

Time to answer ‘The Travel Tag’ ….and hoping to change this list up at least a couple of times a year.

1. What was the last country you visited? 

Austria.  I went to Obertauern for The Ski Week in March and couldn’t have been luckier with the weather.  Not a whole lot of skiing was done on my part…I did walk down a red slope though if that counts?  I blogged about it here.


2. How many countries have you visited? 

18 on last count, not nearly enough…and only three continents.  Not cool.

Travel passport tickets

3. Where is your favourite place on the planet?

E-Z, it’s Los Angeles.  I feel at home the minute I land there, I’m never at my happiest or most relaxed than when I’m in LA.  So many people hate it, but if you’re passing through and stay in a dump on Hollywood Boulevard and only do the tourist stuff, then of course you will!  I love that you’ve got the weather, the city, the nightlife, beaches (which are incredible BTW), shopping and nature all in one place.  Two myths though, you can walk in LA and it does rain in Southern California.  Still, I’d move there in a heartbeat.

Hollywood Hike

4. Favourite place in your home country?  

It has to be Dublin!  While there are some places of stunning natural beauty around the Irish countryside and the craic may be mighty in the many many pubs in the country…Dublin is where it’s at.  There’s SO much to do these days in the capital, we’ve got so many good restaurants and bars, shopping has improved ten fold in the last few years, there’s gorgeous outdoor areas and we’re right beside the coast.  Hey, writing this list it has occurred to me that maybe I love it because it’s a mini LA?  Just minus the weather and traffic!

Harold's Cross Bridge Dublin at Sunset5. If you could board a plane right now, where would you go? 

Tricky one, it would need to be somewhere new for me.  I think I’d go to Cuba, with all that’s happening there at the moment I want to visit before anything changes.  I’d love to see the retro cars, experience the slow pace of life and of course the food, dancing and mojitos!  I’d like to arrive on a speed boat, Miami vice style in cream linen and a panama hat.  Naturally.

@nadia_dailyself insta6. What are your top three hand luggage must haves? 

1 – Headphones, noise reducing ones!  Even if I’m not listening to music or watching a film, they block out the sound of noisy passengers and announcements.  I always make sure to download my Spotify playlists so they’re available offline too.

2 – My make up bag.  I always do my make up on the plane/train/bus/car if I’m not driving to save/pass time and I always get funny looks, people are very intrigued watching someone put their make up on!

3 – Water.  I’m always thirsty, so I have to have a drink.  Can I have chewing gum too?  Thanks.

Emirates hand luggage

7. Any travel tips to share? 

Tonnes!  Here are a few posts I’ve dedicated to travel tips…

Travel Tips: At the Airport

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Eleven Money Saving Travel Tips

Travel Tips: Beat Jet-Lag in 5 Easy Steps

8. Most embarrassing moment abroad?

Padding my bum to complete my Nicki Minaj (along with hype gurls Sophia Grace and Rosie) costume for the Santa Monica Halloween Parade in LA.  Lolz, that wasn’t at all embarrassing.

9. What’s your cup of tea? Island getaway, ski break, city break?

Ugh, I love them all!! Although I’ve never done a “proper” island escape like Bali or the Maldives…but gimme a year and I might be able to answer better.  Life Before Work Travel trips look right up my street…

Life Before Work Travel

10. Biggest Disappointment?

Venice.  It was cold, wet, dull, smelly and expensive…very Dreary Barlow, I won’t be rushing back!

11. What’s your next trip?

I’m going YogaCruising in Turkey next month and I can’t wait!  I’ve blogged about it here.



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